Gabriel Per Kashi
Artist & CEO

I was born into a traditional goldsmith family. At age 14 I started working for my family’s business as a jeweller and simultaneously studied to be a jeweller with some of Israel’s most prestigious jewellers.

All of the jewellery I designs made from 14k or 18k gold, silver or platinum
The jewelry designs are very unique and I take great care to ensure precision in the carry out of the design. I often use a computer program to assist. Most of my design ideas usually come from the environment, from nature and from different places I visit. I look around and try to see what I can translate into jewelry.

For example a special object, a natural material like rock or a special stone I note and then I come home and start to draw on a sheet of paper or directly start sculpting the wax model I think of. Sometimes while working the wax starts to form a slightly different model than I intended but seems more special or practical and then I continue to design with the imagination in stream. Regardless of what I planned, after the model is ready, I pour in the gold or silver and make the prototype (main model).

Thank you for shopping with me,
Gabriel Per Kashi